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For Sale. The first to post “I’ll take it” gets it. Please follow the post with a PM to me with the item and price. I prefer a USPS MO but discrete pp is possible on the less expensive items. Buyer pays shipping. This is cross-posted on the FALFiles.

(1) Israeli HB Hand Guards, $15 + shipping.

(2) Early A6 Carry Handle (Repro), $30 + shipping (BMG Parts sell this for $50)

Bar stool Metal

(3) (SPF to ajmdreammg42) Bren Bipod, $15 + shipping

Auto part Metal

(4) Turkish Vickers MG08/15 Drum Hanger, $75 + shipping

Font Metal

(5) (SPF to Dave D. ) Vickers Check Lever, MA Marked, $15 + shipping


(6) (SPF to ifly1958) Vickers Fusee Spring Cover, $20 + shipping

(7) (SPF to Dave D.) Vickers Spare Parts Carrier, $60 + shipping

Bag Leather Fashion accessory Material property Handbag

(8) (SPF to Dave D.) Unknown Vehicle Mount pin, I suspect this came from M113 vehicle mount, $5 + shipping


(9) M60 BA, $1 + shipping

Auto part

(10) WW1 US Pedersen Device Mag Pouch, $30 + shipping

Wood Beige

(11) (SPF to Flypaper on the FALFiles) Lot of FAL parts. This was part of an FAL kit purchased from Scrap And Rust COmpany - I'm sure there is over $30 worth of value in the pile, $30 + shipping

Antique tool

(12) (SPF on FALFiles) Argentine Lugged FAL Barrel, bore has some noticeable roughness/frosting in the groves, very shootable, it's an excellent looking barrel on the exterior, I don't unfortunately have an erosion gauge, $170 + shipping

Auto part Transmission part Tool accessory

(13) (SPF on FALFiles) G1 FAL Barrel, bright and shiny bore, -- nice barrel -- non-sn matching FH included, I don't unfortunately have an erosion gauge, $250 + shipping

Metal Brass Auto part Tool accessory Hardware accessory
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