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WTS: NEW Non-cromed lined 8mm 1919A4 barrels

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I have 2 BRAND NEW 1919A4 barrels (non chromed lined) for sale. These would be excellent for the semi-auto builds as the chroming isn't quite as important as it is for a full auto application. Priced at 160.00 shipped to your door. Interested parties may e-mail me at [email protected]
Thanks, Steve S.:D
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The price is per barrel. Should have pointed that out in the ad. Again, 160.00 each, shipped to your door. These are beautiful barrels made for a dealer friend of mine by a reputable barrel mfr.
LOWER PRICE ON 8mm NON-chromed lined barrels...140.00ea delivered!

Need to move these. BRAND NEW chrome-moly 8mm barrels ion standard 1919A4 configuration....LOWER PRICE!!!! 140.00 ea delivered! These would be excellent for a semi-auto build, or if you don't do consistant 250rd belt dumps like BA in MO, fine in full auto. Please e-mail me at [email protected]
Thanks, Steve S:D
Steve,I'll take them .let me know the total.I'm working acouple blocks away from you.Thanks.Jeff
Barrels are sold. Thanks, Steve
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