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WTS New Unfired Valkyrie Arms 1919a4 30-06/308 conv w/a ton of Acc.

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I have a New UNFIRED Semi Auto Valkyrie Arms Browning 1919A4 with an Izzy A6 kit. It also has a US A6 Cone Flash Hider on it (I also have the original end cap). It is currently set up for 30-06 and comes with a complete 7.62 conversion package (including barrel). Also included is the US carrying handle, 100 links, two 30-06 feed tray protectors and one 7.62 feed tray protector. These protectors allow you to run metal links through your 1919 without wearing the feed tray and trunion (you probably knew that all ready being on this board) . They are not needed if you run web belts. Also comes with a WWII MG Cal. .30/M2 Tri Pod, Serial Number 7133. Also marked "Re-Manufactured 1945, The Appliance MFG. Co." Next to these Re-manufacturing markings is a Flaming Bomb. There maybe an Anchor under the Re-Manufacturing Info. I can't really tell. This does not have the holes on the feet.

This gun still has some packing peanuts between the barrel and cooling jacket from when I bought it directly from Valkyrie Arms. I bought it years ago and haven't even taken it out of the house (except for the pics in the back yard):) .
Ive been a lurker on this site for a while. I actually joined to find so more info out about the tripod. It was an impulse buy for me and I just never really get to take it out. The range I belong to only lets you put one round in the chamber on rifles....that pretty much why it hasn't ever left the house. This rifle was just listed on another site by my father were he is a long standing member. I moved out years ago and pretty much left most of my collection with him. I can post up the link to another forum or send it to you in a pm if thats not allowed.
If you can't tell by my name I'm into Racing....Mainly my Turbo Cobra. I'm just trying to move some of the firearms I never use becuase I'm more into cars at this point of my life. I will have a couple of pre-ban AR's for sale too and maybe even an M14 or two(not sure I want to part with them). This gun is also listed in AR15.com under DR-Marley (my father). Price is $2,500 OBO Valkyrie Arms 1919a4's were on the higher end when made and their is a good reason for that. The quaility is unmatched on this firearm. By far the nicest semi auto 1919 I have seen. Pics are listed on ar15.com. Any question or comments feel free to pm me.
-Mike Marley

EDIT: link to AR15
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AR Parts

Val did use AR parts in the trigger group, so far I've only had one part fail. Many of her creations used AR parts and designs due because they are easy to obtain.
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