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The FAL Primer: The Collector's Guide to the FAL and SLR Rifles available here, now!

238 pages, 1200 color images covering trials rifles, global variations, US production, markings identification, accessories and more! Hard cover image wrap (image printed right on the hardcover- no dust cover to tear.)

Sample pages:

Signed by senior author, junior author's signature afixed on a label (while they last)

PRICES in USA (free shipping USPS Media, uninsured, included)

USPS MO: $150
Personal Check: $155
Paypal: $160


1. Include your name, 1919a4 handle, and address with your payment. Don't send the info by PM, or separate email, or whatever.

2. If using Paypal, paypal $160 to [email protected] just in case it's not clear, to get the real payment address remove "DELETEthisSPAMBLOCK"

4. If paying by check or MO, post here and and I will send you an invoice.

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If you own a FAL or have a gun library this is a must have. It is an in depth look at one of the best battle rifles ever made. I bought mine at the Creek the first year the book was released. The information and pictures it contains make it worth owning. Bump for a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend who likes FALS.

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Thanks CapMax, glad you like the book!

Released at KCR in April of this year, rave reviews on FAL FILES!

Get a copy before I move it to Amazon and the price goes up.

  • Trials rifles
  • Many, many different country variants
  • Parts comparisons
  • Head spacing
  • Rarities: Bello, Poyer, National Arms
  • US manufactured FALs
  • Accessories: bayonets, optics, tools, etc.

1,200 color images in a hardbound book, signed by the author. Free shipping.
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