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Sir Plus has some real excellent stuff

Hello everyone and I am so glad this sight is back up. I spent the last three days with my therapist over this 1919a4.com outage. Worse than the NYC Transit Strike during a blizzard!

I promissed to leave Sir Plus some kind words. He recently posted some CANCO WW2 .30 ammo boxes. It just so happened I completed some E-gay transactions with him (he is one of a few vendors I support there and hope they all migrate to Gunbroker). I called on him to hold my auctions for a second payment - all came together under the same postage.

Great Cans, but wait---did I tell you Sir Plus also sent me two brand new Saginaw Gear wrapped 1944 bosters still in cosmoline.

It gets better, my good buddy Lance sent back some parts I had him parkerize, and his park job matched the original park on the booster.

Man, life is good again, the 1919a4 harmony is back and I saved my therapist money and donated it to shots.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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