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I have the following for sale. They have been sitting in my safe for years simply gathering dust and I have no idea when I'll have time to work on them as I had planned upon purchase, so, they're being sold off. I've noted any noticeable things with them. Some I have shot, those are noted as such, the others have never been shot by me. These are sold as is. Must ship to an FFL or picked up here in Arlington, TX

Mauser- 7mm mauser from what I can tell. No idea of manf/country of origin, "R" stamped into top of barrel. Does not have iron sights, has been setup for a scope. Stock has been sporterized. Bolt handle has been welded/ground on. Never fired $150

Carcano- 6.5x52. Appears to be TS variant. Looks to be missing the lever on the rear sight. Never fired $200

MLe M16 Berthier- bolt handle is broken. Also looks to be missing a small tab of some sort near bolt handle location :? Never fired $125.

As stated these are project guns sold as is. No I don't feel like taking tons of pics and identifying every proof mark on the rifle. They're being sold cheap to clear room. Payment is via USPS MO or discrete paypal. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Items are crossposted, first "I'll take it" followed by pm wins. Also willing to trade for 7.62x54R ammo or oddball parts kits.
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