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Traded gone

Now longer for sale traded

now cross listed

Brit L1A1 on ABI marked Enterprise Receiver with Brit wood gun came from fal files member
Brit wood is sort of hard to come by and we all know the ABI marked receivers are good to go bore is top notch finish and function suggests a quality rifle
Brit L1A1 ON DSA receiver has black pebble stock

I purchased this rifle and sent it straight to croc gun for a full tune up

Anthony made sure the barrel was torqued timed and head spaced test fired
Great dsa receive ready to go

As tax season is upon us I will offer these terms

A 400 hundred dollar non refundable deposit holds the rifle
the full amount due 45 days from date of deposit , once the full amount is received
Rifle is shipped to your ffl

Ive done this a few times now and I've yet to had to keep anyone's deposit
Also not super strict we can lengthen the terms for unforeseen events

gome gone gone

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