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WTS: Parkerizing system $150.00

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For local pick up only in Northeastern WI. I CAN arrange trucking ,to an extent, between NE WI to North Central Arkansas thru Illinois and Missouri....I can possibly get this thing to you along that route, call me to talk about this.
Basically I have a commercial deep fryer converted into a parkerizing system. The unit is 220 volts single phase with 4 heating elements. when the tank is cold, the 4 elements heat it up very quickly and then 2 of the elements are turned off to maintain parkeizing temperatures. The heat is thermostaticaly controlled.

The tank is removable for cleaning. I have the fryer baskets that can be used for dipping large quantities of small parts.

I have used this system for several years and it is still in excellent working condition. the tank is stained and crusty as any parkerizing system would be from use.

Price is just $150.00 for the whole system. it is too small for our future needs.... if you have any questions feel free to ask me...

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Wish I was nearby. You can't buy a single stainless tank for that price.
Where have you been ? In the past I have offered SS tanks for "free" large enough to park a ma deuce with drain cock. $50 donation to a charity for cerebral palsy + shipping on the sister site www.M2HB.net
This offer for now has expired but might be available in the furure on a very limited basis as it was from jump. First come first serve about one a month. These were medical grade SS tanks. Oh yea only one per person.
If we decide to do this again in the future there will be a post here with a link to the other board.
I've often thought about using a fryer for parking. Lakeside Machine has a great offer here; anyone who hosts regular build parties should be interested in this great offer. Being 220 VAC heating elements might work just as well at 110VAC and possibly more stable as far as temp control. Just a thought. But real men have 220VAC in their Shoppe/Garage already. I'm suprised this hasn't been sold yet.
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