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Polish DTM 7.62x54R De-Milled Parts Kit Price: $799.99

The DTM is a light machine gun derived from the Russian designed DP28/DPM, firing the 7.62×54R cartridge.
The DTM was a Tank/Turret mounted weapon with a multi-position collapsing stock, and was adaptable to ground use with a specially designed bipod!. Kit comes with a 63rd drum, demilled barrel, full receiver cut to BATF specifications, Armorers Kit and the rare Ground Bipod.

De-Milled to BATFE Specs


Polish DTM 63rd 7.62x54R Drum Magazine [D73-A5] Price: $14.99

Auto part Metal

The magazine holds 63rds of 7.62x54r ammunition and will fit all models of the Degtyarev DT and DTM.

Flat Rate Shipping of $9.95 For as many items as you would like to order on one order.

;) ENTER “FREE50” DISCOUNT CODE for Free Shipping on orders over $50.00

*** TO ORDER, give us a call at 1 866 523 2673 Mon-Fri 9-5:30p.m. EST or check out the website and/or ORDER BY CLICKING HERE: Cope's Distributing
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