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Hello everyone, I am thinning out my colletion of books, first come "I'll take it" gets 'em. I collect BAR parts and accessories, if you want to trade or have and BAR stuff for sale let me know.

E-mail me - Junkyardslug at Hotmail.com , don't PM me.

Platoon Training, Vol II 1920 $18
By Major William H Waldron Contains: Training Methods in Rifle Firing, Care of Arms and Equipment, Browning Automatic Rifle, Manual of the Automatic Pistol, Rifle Grenade training, Hand Grenade training, Musketry. Hardback, no dust cover

Essentials of Infantry training ?38 $28
Copyright 1934, Col. PS Bond Infantry drill Regulations, Rifle Marksmanship, Military Discipline Courtesies and Customs of the Service, Military Sanitation and First Aid, Interior Guard Duty, Scouting and patrolling, Musketry, Combat Principles, Characteristics of Infantry Weapons, Map Reading, Automatic Rifle. Hardback, no dust cover

Guide book for Marines 1960?s $10
Green cover, missing one page (the page with the date in the front L ) I am guessing early to mid 1960s as it covers both the M1and BAR as well as the M14 and M60

Bluejackets Manual 1943 $12
1145 pages of seagoing fun. Good shape, hardback

Military Science and Tactics 1938 $10
K W Bond, contains : The National Defense, Infantry Drill Regulations, Manual of the Saber for Officers, Setting up Exercises, Rifle Marksmanship, Military Sanitation and First Aid, Military Discipline Courtesies and Customs of the Service, Interior Guard Duty, Military Organization, Map Reading, Characteristics of Infantry Weapons, Musketry, Scouting and patrolling, Combat Principles Infantry Rifle Squad And Section, Automatic Rifle, Machine Gun Drill, Machine Gun marksmanship prepatory exercises. Hard back, no dust cover

Bound Training Regulations, Email for list
TR?s (1920?s mostly Costal defense) $80
TR?s (1960?s) $35

3.7 inch British Booklet $2
Small (maybe 3X4) booklet on the 3.7 inch cannon, you know what those small British booklets look like. Cover separated poor condition

US Navy War Photographs $18
Subtitled Pearl Harbor to Tokyo, large 12X12 photo book containing 100 USN, USCG, and USMC photos of the pacific theater. Ships, planes, marines, landing craft, ect. Soft Cover

Leatherneck Magazine Dec ?66 $3
Various Vietnam stuff, a lot of cheesy photos

USMC-R Information for Candidates ?42 $12
Looks to be a recruiting item, gives an overview of USMC officer candidates in training, with photos of China Marines, Para-marines, odd amtracks, Marines in Campaign hats and one piece overalls. Penciled in on the back requirements for commission, like the owner was writing as he talked to a recruiter? Soft cover (magazine style) a little ratty but all together

British and American Infantry Weapons
Of WWII $6
By AJ BARKER copyright 1969. A page or two of every US and British Small arm through crew served weapon used in the war. Sections are on Small arms Ammunition, Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers, Sub-machine guns, Machine guns, Mortars, anti tank weapons, bayonets, grenades and flame throwers. More of a review than a in-depth study, expect ? to 1 and ? pages per weapon. Hard back with dust cover, dust cover has some tear in it

Classic Weapons Series by Terry Gander
Thompson SMG $30
BAR $30
The 88 $30
The M2 Browning $30
SET for $100

Into the Rising Sun $10
subtitle: In Their Own Words, World War II's Pacific Veterans Reveal the Heart of Combat by Patrick K. O'Donnell The author of Beyond Valor offers a new collection of oral histories from veterans of the Second World War, this time from the Pacific theater. In an introduction, Patrick K. O'Donnell warns, "oral histories are perhaps the best means available to reveal the horrors and pathos of the foxhole." Hardback, with dust cover

American Rifleman July 1941 $8
Pre-war issue, with articles on Paratroopers (it says they have to drop behind enemy lines with supplies to last up to THREE YEARS!) also an article on the BAR

American Machinist Jan 1941 $12
Hard to find. Pre war, but there is a Armament section, with a article on making M1917 browning watercooled rear sights in small shops.

Guadalcanal Diary (first edition?) 1943 $20
Richard Tregaskis first hand account of the battle of Guadalcanal, it was a surprise best seller in 1943. Hard back, no dust cover

The Longest Day 1959 first printing (hard back, no dust cover) $24

Various Machine Gun News/Firepower Mags $3 each

SMLE Vickers 1918 Bayonet no Scabbard $28

?73 Tank helmet w electronics $65

Chopper helmet shell (no guts or visor) $18

Sporter stock (M1903? ) $10

2 Right USMC SZ 3 unissued leggings Khaki (dated 1948) $16
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