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WTS: QTY of 2 1919a4 kit, mix of nos & normal used and "b" used parts $900 ea + ship

WTS: 1919a4 # 1 kit good points,,, NOS RIA Bolt, NOS top cover, slide and other small parts with 3 extra 30-06 belt holding pawls, the lock frame is marked W for westinghouse. and the breech block cam is a Remington marked but corroded. barrel bore 7.62 nice and shiney. alot of other parts look either new with storage wear or very slight wear. Bad points,,, no top plate, top cover feed pawl & lever pin and extractor , and the bottom plate can be used but needs work soooo hence the price of $ 900 plus $20 for shipping. Please post here then PM me or email direct at ajmdreammg42(at)yahoo(dot)com

20160201_202700.jpg 20160201_202711.jpg
20160201_202722.jpg 20160201_202912.jpg

please ignore the below pics, cant seem to remove them


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