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WTS: Rare Norinco Model 305(M14 semi)

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Do not confuse this rifle with the gray parked polytec semi M14's! Very rare in US only a few let into the county from Norinco, this is for those that like to own rare variations that are in the US. It is marked Norinco, 7.62X51, Model 305, Made in the PR of China. It is a semi auto type M14 rifle that is blued, it appears to have a chrome lined barrel, I bought it over 20 years ago and have fired it maybe twice, very nice condition. $1000 plus $25 shipping. FTF possible in N.E. IL. Out of state must go through FFL. If your FFL requires me to ship through an FFL on my end it will be an additional $25 that's what my FFL charges me. I prefer to ship the rifle directly to your FFL and we will exchange paperwork. Please email me at [email protected]. First person that says he will take it get's it. Thank you for looking.

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1 - 4 of 14 Posts