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For sale, one transferable lightning link (low miles) on form 4. Link comes with 1 KNS link protector and 4 spare tabs. This is the most inexpensive way to get a full auto AR15. This is plug and play or "basically" drop in. Some Ar's such as colt require minor mod to reciever to make work. Potential buyers should check out "quartebore.com" to see/understand how a lightning link works and whether or not your AR will require any modification to make work. Asking price is $7.5K- NO TRADES/All Funds up front to start transfer (50/50 can be worked out with contract). This is fully transferable and LEGAL to own machinegun. I will pay one transfer tax, buyer to pay all others. PLEASE do not make an offer if you do not actually have the money to buy- surprising to me how many people actually do this. ALL NFA LAWS APPLY.
Thanks for looking
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