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WTS RPD Belt Loaders (New Video)

I have for sale RPD belt loading machines. These are new built and work with both the L backed and the push through links.

I have 4 or 5 immediately available, and another batch or 10 in process.

I offered loaders in April before Knob Creek, but they did not work out as planned. This is a new and better design. And they are ready!

Currently there are two loaders out for T&E, and I am holding some back for those who originally spoke for one in April.

Loaders are $350 plus shipping, but they fit in a Medium flat rate box, so shipping is $12.65 from USPS.

Not set up for cards or paypal, so checks and USPS Money Orders are the available payment options.

I am planning on having some to take to Knob Creek in October, so if you want to see one in person, that is an option too.

I have a (poorly done!) video below showing the loader and how to load a belt on it.



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