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WTS Semi C5A1 Shooter and SPARE PARTS + Price drop

Ok guys here's an odd one for ya. This is a C5A1 shooter that I recently had re-parkerized. It is an Izzy kit with the essential C5 parts thrown in there. Bolt is a converted Westinghouse. This is a gun for burning up ammo. Not displaying and collecting dust. Price is $3800 shipped to your FFL.

UPDATE: I've added 3 stripped top covers and an unmolested BCI bolt. To be clear these will not be parted out.

IMG_1268.jpg IMG_1269.jpg IMG_1270.jpg IMG_1271.jpg IMG_1272.jpg IMG_1273.jpg IMG_1274.jpg IMG_1279.jpg IMG_1280.jpg IMG_1281.jpg IMG_1282.jpg IMG_1283.jpg IMG_1284.jpg IMG_1355.JPG IMG_1356.JPG IMG_1357.JPG IMG_1358.JPG IMG_1359.JPG IMG_1360.JPG IMG_1361.JPG
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