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I rescued a bunch of WW2 dated demilled barrels and bolts for the Springfield 1903 / 1903A3.

Barrels chambers drilled and/ or weld cut. Chambers plugged. Some muzzles plugged. May or may not have sights.

Bolts are stripped, but still have extractor.

Great project & practice pieces! Help me find them new homes!

10 barrels $40 + $21 USPS Priority Flate Rate Large Game Box.

30 bolts $90 + $15 USPS Priority Flate Rate Medium Box.

6 bolts $30 + $8.30 USPS Priority Flate Rate Small Box.

I'll do what I can do prevent the barrels from punching out and disappearing, but you know how bulk barrels are, so no guarantees.

Ships USA only. Payment by Zelle, USPS MO, or if I know you / you have more than 20 posts I'll take a personal check. NO GheyPal!

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Barrels could be used like blanks- rebore, re chamber.

Teach junior to run the lathe

Practice and prototyping before you screw up a $100 blank

Build a display/ parade gun.

Kids art projects so the school can have a hissy fit

Make your own pistol barrels.

Flip them at gun shows

Cut a section with the flaming bomb and date for earrings for the wife on your anniversary

Or use the same sections for pens or necklaces or man bracelets or wind chimes or flutes

Bang out plug, fill hole, use for pressure testing

Leave one in the mall parking lot each time you drive by

Tomato stakes

Hand them out as throw-downs at protests

Drive them into the lawn where all the local assclowns shortcut the corner destroying your property

Hand them out to kids at gunshows

Have a competition how many can fit into a flat rate box and how many make it to destination.

Send one to your buddies and let them figure out WTF to do with them. Don’t respond to inquiries why you sent it.
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