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Hi Guys

trying to raise money for the vickers and maxim builds so these have to go.

1 TNW built MG34, I bought the receiver on the weaponeer group buy, the parts kit, A yugo remark ( 700.00 ) from BRP and then had TNW assemble, test fire and refinish for me. they only did the receiver so the gun looks mismatched a bit.

Price 3600.00 + shipping to FFL

1 Sig Sauer P226 X-6, not available in the US market, it was legally imported thru ROCO firearm technolgy. I have not even picked it up yet, still at my dealers shop. These are not cheap but they are made of unobtanium and not available in the US unless you import one yourself. here's your chance to get one NOW for the same price I paid and NOT have to wait.

Price 4000.00 :eek: ( exactly what Doris will charge you to import one for yourself )

I will try to get pics up ASAP

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