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Just finished purchasing a very nice semi-auto Maxim 09/21 and tripods from fellow Forum member Waorani and need to build up some cash reserves so a few things need to go.

These are for an early MKI Bren gun and all parts are in good to very good condition. Included are TWO Bren MK1 Butt plates both with integral shoulder strap bracket. You will receive both the very early bracket with scalloped sides and the slightly later one with flat sides.

In addition you will receive ONE of the spring loaded shoulder straps. These are original parts and not reproduction parts. As you know, these are very difficult to find and you will never see both butt plates available together.

I am asking what I think is an extremely good price of $150 shipped to the buyer’s location for this rare item.

Please ask any questions before you say you will take it. First “I will take it”, followed up with a PM gets it.

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