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Here is the fifth of a few items that I am putting up for sale to fund my next projects (build of my 1928 Colt WC and purchase of a Maxim parts kit). I figured I would offer it to my fellow forum members and if it doesn't sell I will move it to GB.

TWO (2) nice original M1A1 ammo cans (they are early United M1A1 boxes still embossed M1).

Ammunition box Box Ammunition box Metal Rectangle Plastic

I think this pair of ammo cans is worth the $55 plus actual shipping (estimate about $15) that I am asking.

I am trying to price all these items fairly, I think they are all interesting items and I am selling them because either my interests or the reason I bought them has changed over the years. I am not particularly interested in trades (or partial trades), but if you have a Maxim kit, panoramic sight for a 1928 Colt WC, or some unusual Vickers accessories I will certainly listen.

First I will take it followed by a PM will get it. I would appreciate it if you ask me any questions up front.
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