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WTS: unknown electrical optic ?? gadgets

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Any interest in this stuff????//

Withdrawn........I have the tripod for it in my garage. It was in the basement among the toy train stuff and I didnt make the connection. Sorry...............

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Periscope optic and battery box for lighted recticle for a MG3 tripod (modern day MG 42) worth $200 easy to someone who needs it. Optics are #1 first class German Glass (probably Hendstolt or Zeiss) like new battery boxes sell for $75-100 bucks all day long. Grab it if you can for that price. And if your wanting to sell it for that price, yes I'll buy it. let me know.
Glad to hear your not giving good stuff away at better than bargin prices!! I own a few of those tripods and the optics are outstanding quality!!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts