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I have an unused 6 lobe Emory Crankfire that I purchased in Jan. '07 new.
I will sell it for what I paid for it, $350 plus $10 priority mail. I can not sell
it to you if you live in Iowa, California or Minnesota.

I also have a Anti-aircraft "point and shoot" spider sight set that I also
purchased last year new and is unused. It is zeroed for 100 yards, and
comes with the set screws and allen wrench set to secure it to your
1919A4. If you want to see what it looks like on a 1919A4, go to the BMG
Parts Co. website, click on 1919A4 in the left column, and scroll down about
2/3 of the way. Click on the top picture of the AA sights and they have a
picture of it installed on a 1919A4. I will take a loss and sell it for $275
shipped priority mail.

I will accept postal money orders only please, no trades at this time. Please
send the funds within 1 week of your " I'll take it". Thanks.:)

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CUE7467 I feel for ya bro, but I'm in the same boat. :eek: If I hadn't just purchased another 1919 kit, an RPK, and that polish under folder I would be all over it! :D
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