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I'm selling my US Ordnance 1919a4 30-06cal, semi-auto in excellent condition. Includes couple thousand links, most are new, starter tabs, four spare 30-06 barrels, original approval papers included. Trunion protectors included. Pintle in pic only included if you buy the WWII 1942 dated tripod (Bingham metal) and T&E mech. Uncut and no holes in feet. I also have an Isreali A6 kit in great shape avaliable to the buyer first.

Buyer pays shipping and I must have FFL info for shipping to a dealer. I last fired it in 2001 and It's has been in my safe ever since. Keep in mind that the US Ord guns are one of the best 1919s made!

Take it all for $2000 or serious best offer.

PM me with any questions.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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