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WTS: US Ord, 1919A4, Semi .308, Tripod, belt Lodr, $3500, FTF Only Tennessee

WTS: FTF Only. U.S. Ordnance Mfg. 1919A4 Semi, Excellent condition. Comes with 1918 cloth belt loader, Bren tripod with mounting adapter, A4 carry handle, Head space adjusting tool (not gauge). Loader has .308 & 30-06 pusher. Bargain price for the package is $3500.
Gun will run using cloth belts, U.S. 30 cal. links or Izzy links. Can be test fired on site. Also have some .308 loaded belts that we can negotiate separately if interested. Ammo not for sale until gun is sold, sorry.

For more info contact Tom Morse s[email protected]

Phone mid afternoon till Midnight 931-232-9059
Patience is a virtue, as I'm not constantly monitoring email or near the phone.
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