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I have a US Ordnance 1919 .30 cal semi-automatic that I am wanting to sell (They are currently not making these as they are concentrating on government contracts for m60's). Purchased it a year ago and just haven't played with it enough to warrant keeping it. It has not had any live rounds fired thru it, only about 300-500 blanks (I am a WWII reenactor). Here's what you get:

1919 .30 cal (30.06) semiauto mg
m2 tripod w/ pintle and t&e
Izzy a6 kit (bipod, carry handle, buttstock) new in packaging
2300+ links +some starter tabs
link press
1x 250 rd cloth belt
trunnion protector
blank firing adapter
strap wrench (to change out bfa and booster)
case extractor
wooden case
WWII dated canvas carry bag for tripod
WWII dated canvas carry bag for .30 cal

I'm looking to get around $2800 for the lot. Not really looking for trades as I need cash for a house down payment. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

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