The following represent the remaining NFA available from the Robert G. Segel Collection:

1.) Browning 1919A6 (Inland Arms); $19k.

2.) Colt 1914 (Digger) on Type 1 tripod, light landing carriage available; $25k.

3.) Colt 1915 Vickers, tripod; $47.5k.

4.) Lanchester; $19.5k.

5.) Fiat Revelli 1914, tripod; $32k.

6.) Russian Ppsh-41; $42k.

7.) Villar Perosa OVP (only known example on Registry); $52k.

8.) Welrod; $34k.

There are some fabulous accessories for some of the guns available ONLY to the buyer.

Direct email only, please: [email protected]

Thanks for looking!