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Went with Frankie to load up on fireworks and tobacco so when we got back, he decided to help me sort through some of my Vickers stuff. Found a Vickers Mk. 1 parts case that is surplus to my needs.

The leather spare parts case held common tools and spare parts that were likely to be used in the field. It was either carried by the gunner or his loader.

This is a good condition kit that I bought out of Australia years ago and is almost complete from a tool perspective. Missing from the kit are the commonly found spare parts.

A full listing of what is in the kit can be found in Robert Segel’s new book titled Handbook of Machine Gun Support Equipment and Accessories 1895 – 1945 on pages 346 – 347.

You will receive the following (what you see will be what you get):
Leather spare parts case
Spare “VSM” marked lock
Combination tool
Clearing plug (ruptured case extractor)
Oil can
Fusee spring assembly complete
Leather spare parts wallet
Muzzle protector (early brass)
Screwdriver (fair condition, very hard to find)
No. 3 and No. 5 punches
Spring balance
Price is $650 shipped by fully insured priority mail.

Standard rules apply, first “I will take it!” followed by a PM gets it. Please ask any questions before you say you will take it.
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