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I have a mint new in the box NOS AN/PAS-4 IR Light Source with IR Filter that was used on M14 rifles during the early years in Vietnam (before the AN/PVS-1 and 2 scopes came out).

This light source can be adapted for use with earlier WWII and Korean war IR scopes providing much greater viewing range based on the improve brightness of the IR light source (I have been told).

Similar ones without the Glass IR Filter are available for sale at Ohio Ordnance Work (OOW) where they are asking $412.37 for one in good to very good condition.

This one is brand new with original packing material and box. I would like $150.00 for it plus $12.50 insured shipping with tracking number. Will consider trades for Vickers or 1928 Colt WC parts.

Normally I would keep it and find the scope but under a quirky law in California (save the Kalifornia jokes please) IR scopes specifically (not passive Starlight scopes) are illegal to own here in most cases.

First “I will take it” followed by a PM gets it. If you have any questions, please ask before you commit to take it. SOLD TO ORDNANCE - SHIPPED 6/27/15
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