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WTS WTT 1919a4 semi auto kit

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I have one of the "whole enchilada" kits that Orin sold some time ago. All parts included for a semi build. Internals are milled, & trigger already installed. Includes 80% plate & rivets. I believe this was parked by ORF & rust has started to bleed through in a few places. Not bad but needed to be mentioned. Paid $850 + shipping & just trying to get my money back. No profit here. Shipping will be from zip 47862 by UPS. Will also trade for parts kits I don't already have. Still need Thompson, Bren, & several others. Will also consider misc other items. What do you have?
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I have a thompson kit I am still a little shy on wanting to get rid of but is that what you are wanting to trade for. It is one of the newer imported ones (1928 w/ lyman sights) savage made and really nice with one ding on the buttstock would probably steam out also has the finned barrel.
i'd give you an unissued polish ppsh with complete torch cut receiver and a zb 30 that needs a buttplate (same as mark 1 bren) for the works, one mag each. shipping costs on each of us?
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