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WTS/WTT kits MG-34, ZB-37,VZ-61 Skorpion+ looking for 1919 stuff

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SPF kits MG-34, ZB-37, M53 - looking for 1919 stuff

UPDATE - All SPF or Trade Pending.

*** I'm cross posting this here because I am looking for trades to help out the 1919's I am keeping :)

Original post with pictures http://www.weaponeer.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=5773&PN=1&TPN=1

Ok, I hate to do this but Christmas and the tax man are going to hurt this year. These are all kits I got in group buys here and for the most part have sat in their boxes since they arrived. Yes, the prices are higher than I paid - inflation, appreciation, encouraging trades, making up for the donation, whatever. Save the flames, when I get desperate the prices will come down.

These kits all have the barrels. What you see is what you get. Please post or PM questions.

USPS MO Preferred. Buyer responsible for shipping. Local pickup available in Rochester/Victor NY.

SPF MG-34 kit, 3 cut demil “b” receiver (sandblasted), extra receiver front w/cams and stud, extra bolt, 2 drums, 1 bolt converted to semi by helix060, 1 ammo box/7 belts/3 starter tabs, manual, breech cover, bipod. Have not really cleaned up and checked numbers. $1300 SPF

SPF M-53 kit, new ratchet plate, “bnz” rear receiver demil, bolt converted by helix060, 1 ammo box/7 belts/3 starter tabs, belt loader, rail jig, grip stick, rivet tool, front repair bushing, bipod. Have not really cleaned up and checked numbers. $1200 SPF

I am also looking for TRADES (for the right stuff I can add cash)

1919 KMP Semi-Trigger/Sear
Uzi 9mm semi bolt, 16+" barrel, pre-ban mags
1919 T&E
AR-15 pre-ban lower receiver (stripped or complete)
Springfield 1903
Sig 556
K98 Mauser
Marlin .30-.30 or 45-70 guide gun
Grease gun mags

SOLD (yea!)
PPSh-48 kit, 2 drums, 10 mags, Mike Jestis (jestism) 80% receiver, 1 drum pouch, 1 mag pouch. $450 SOLD
VZ-61 Skorpion kit, demil receiver, Mike Jestis (jestism) 80% pistol receiver, 3 mags, holster, mag pouch, cleaning kit $650 SOLD

1928a1 Thompson Excellent kit, Dummy/80% receiver, 1 mag, cleaning rod. $950

Trade Pending:
ZB-37 kit, 3 cut receiver, armourer kit 80, 2 belts, ammo box, and AA tripod. This one really hurts to let go – it gives a new meaning to heavy metal. Price set to encourage trades as I need something to fill the hole it leaves behind. Pics w/1919 for comparison, 1919 NFS. Barrel still has paper in it from when I got it. Right now I can only find 1 belt so if I have not found it when it sells $50 off. $1700

**11/21/2007 ZB-37 Pics added at weaponeer link
**11/24/2004 Marked VZ-61 SPF
**12/04/2007 PLACED ON HOLD
**12/12/2007 Removed some trades
**12/17/2007 Marked ZB-37 Trade Pending
**12/18/2007 Marked remaining SPF

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VZ-61 Skorpion SPF

MG-34, M53, ZB-37 Still available

UPDATE - I am putting this on hold to work through some outstanding trade offers and then review my financial situation.

UPDATE - All SPF or Trade Pending.

Anyone selling a T&E?

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