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yep the titel says it all, i,m looking for older pre 1898 USA MADE guns, the one,s that DO NOT need paperwork ( no foreign made guns please !!!)
i,m willing to trade, ore even buy witch is up to you
iff you have anything laying around, just mail ore PM me
what do i have to trade with? check out the list below.

M2 trunions
1 X belt pawl set
1 X top plate
1 x bottom plate
oil buffers
1 X top cover for M3 model
1 X backplate ass for M3 model
3 X back plate ass for M2
M1 AA complete tripod sets with cradle
T&E for 50 cal M2 tripod
M2 flash hiders
M2 barrel handles
Timing sets, go No go for 30 & 50 cal
back plate handle,s
complete FN made back plate ass.

ww2 dated M2 tripods for 30 cal 1919 browning, several different one,s available
1919A4 top covers, new packed ww2 issue
1917A1 cone flas hiders, new packed
1919A4 barrel extensions, new packed
1919A4/6 blank firing adapters, new packed
1919A4 top cover latch, new packed
1919A4 conversion chute,s for 22 cal use new packed
1919A6 clip lock booster bearing
1919A4 30 cal chute,s for tank model MG,s
30 cal tripod parts
30 cal tripod T&E,s
30 cal tripod Pintle,s

large amount of parts for US 60mm mortar and US 81mm mortar, you can always mail me what you are looking for...

note : please DO NOT offer any junk, the stuff i am willing to trade is either stil new packed ore has hardly seen any use, i expect good stuff in return.
NO guns that need C&R ore FFL, ONLY antiques please.

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I am looking for one of the leather barrel covers for the 81mm, would you happen to have one of those?
Can you PM me a list of what other 81mm items you have for sale? I am sure there are other things I need as well.
Thanks, CaptMax

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I will buy a 1919 m2 tripod if you have one marked houde or HDE
You're funny FM I talked to him a looong time ago about these and he has none but keep the faith brother I may have good news for you in a week!

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reply on MG parts/tripods /mortar

@ captMax, PM send to you

@ fast monkey, as Russ said, i can check but i daubt i have them
i got Evans, Appliance, Lamson, Bingham, some mystery one,s various dates
i wil check again to be sure and let you know OK?

HAHA go figure the master of the addiction beats me to it!
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