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S&W 1917. , 1918 Production date.
All mechanically matching. Lanyard loop was removed sometime and the hole plugged with wax. Has updated N frame grips.

On BUtt.

On barrel
Left side
S&W D.A. .45 (This is .45acp or .45 auto rim)
On underside
"United States Property"
Top side
Smith and Wesson , Springfield Mass, USA
Patented DEC.17.1901.FEB.6.1906.SEP.14.1908

Has various small stamps, ones that have an "S21" code beneath them. Nitro proof on teh gate side with a "C" in it.
Bore is still strong and has a nice shine.
Has Holster wear on sides of cylinder as seen in pic and on the backstrap and tip of barrel.
comes with a pair of new Hogue grips and 10 moon clips.


Rhineland Arms .45 acp enfield converted rifle.
Assembled and headspaced .
Shot it the other day just to see if it worked and it did.
I cut the ejector pin too short, simple fix with a $.05 roll pin from a hardward store and cut to appropriate length.
comes with sightless front sight band.
Uses 1911 mags.
Still needs some tweaking but the hard parts over.


Located in PA.

FTF CASH, if Shipped In state USPS MO only .
OUt of state , USPS MO only.


Suprise me.

Shoot me a PM with YOUR EMAIL addy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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