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BOught this in December, Just dont do it for me
Did the suggested '200' round break-in procedure vector suggests and All I've done since is bench shoot it. Still under 300rds.
Very accurate with both 55 and 62gr ammo. I was able to achieve 1/8" groups at 100yds .

Has low-pro scope mount mounted.
3-40rd HK Alum mags.
1 Converted Functional AR 30rd mag.
BUshnell Trophy red/green reticle ACOG clone.

FTF here in PA ,
$1300 for all of it
$1200 without the trophy sight.

If Shipped within PA Shipping w/INsurance is gonna be around $21

Cash,certified check or USPS M/O Only


Vector Mini-Uzi carbine (even trade)
Uzi Pistol +$$
SIg 556 (Even trade)
UZI .45 Grease gun conversion SEMI setup (GG lower,barrel and bolt) + $$

Serious inquiries only please.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts