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I found a couple of these, if they dont sell, I will take them apart for the 7.7 bullets for reloading. Shame to lose historic stuff but I am determined to sell all this bits and pieces stuff this year.

The pictured ammo/tray at the bottom is not included, it is only illistrated to show what is in the original sealed carton that is for sale. (30 rnds)

$50. prepaid.........

This picture is a Photobucket oops!!!! No matter what I do, the second picture of the edge of the ammo box with not come up under its correct #, I get this deleted mags picture instead.......go figger!!!!!! avail by email...

Once again, the pictured ammo/tray is not included!!! It is just illustrtated to show what is in the sealed box above it. The paper at each end is part of the package that this display ammo came in. Not included either!!!!
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