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Hey guys,
I have a few items I am looking to sell. The prices include shipping if you are located here in CONUS. PM me if you need additional pictures or have any questions.

1). Army Air Force Collimator. RARE, Used to figure errors of collimation. Black finish brass tube & fittings with perfect optics, AAF spec tags attached to case & collimator itself , AGFA Ansco. Excellent condition Very rare & hard to find w/ case. Stands 17 1/2" tall, & comes in form fitted original case, latches present, leather handle, hinged lid. very scarce optical device for specialized application in aircraft! Very heavy and very well made. $125
IMG_1681-2.JPG IMG_1683-1.JPG IMG_1684-1.JPG IMG_1682-1.JPG

2). WWII US 225Q Commando Fighting Knife. Manufactured by Cattaraugus. The model 225q was designed for use by the US special forces. With a very stout blade measuring approximately 6 inches. Leather handle with a checkered pommel. The knife comes with its original leather scabbard. $125
IMG_1696-1.JPG IMG_1695-1.JPG IMG_1694-1.jpg IMG_1693-1.jpg IMG_1692-1.jpg IMG_1697-1.JPG

3). Vintage Ammo Lot. This is a nine box lot of vintage ammo. The .30 carbine, USGI AP, and .22 boxes are full and unopened. the others either are empty, contain empties, or are partially full. $100


4). M2 Tripod NOS rear leg. It is USGI. $50......SPF to Armorer
IMG_1378.jpg IMG_1379.jpg
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