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WTT: 1928 Tripod for a 1917 Tripod

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Anyone interested in trading a cleaned up but not totally restored 1928 tripod for a 1917 in similar condition? Or is it possible to make a 1928 look like a 1917? Can I get a 1917 head and put it on my 1928?
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This is one of those times that people will get picky about the terminology. Do you want a 1917, or a 1917A1 tripod? They are quite different, see the attached link:


You will play Hell trying to find a 1917 mount, as all in the US inventory where converted to 1917A1 configuration. The few that survived where those not under US government control in the 1930s.

The 1928 (actually m35) commercial tripod and the 1917A1 use totally different attachment methods to fit the cradle/head to the tripod lower. The 1917A1 has a large pintle base that inserts into the bottom section, while the M35 has the post on the lower section that goes up into the cradle. So the answer is no, you can't fit a 1917A1 cradle to an M35 lower tripod.

If you really want a 1917A1 tripod, sell your M35 and use the proceeds to purchase one from Ohio Ordnance Works.


Unless you just like the looks of the 1917A1 better, there is very little practical difference between the 1917A1 and M35, except that the 1917A1 allows for fine adjustments in windage, while the M35 just swings from left to right.
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