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As the heading states.
I'm looking for more .303 or Bren Gun accessories.

I have the following to trade:

1. Long 8mm (7,92x57mm.)
I have a spam can (& key) of 200 rounds Romanian 8X57 that I would like to trade for .303 British.

2. Short 8mm (7,92x33mm.)
Boxed modern privi 8X33 Kurz that I would like to trade for good quality .303 British - straight across.
About 200-300 rounds of modern Yugo/Privi (Bluebox) 8x33 - brass case.
I also have about 300 rounds of 60's East German Kurz (Volks Polizei.) Steel case.

I am looking for the following:

.303 ammunition -

I need a 12 mag case of Bren magazines - would trade for 200 rounds of 8x57 or 8x33

Wooden Bren Crate, Brit/Canadian .303 crates, Cleaning kits, manuals, etc.,

Not selling anything - don't want money -

I need .303 - lol.

Shipped each party pays own shipping or FTF Arizona/Phoenix or transferred in Commiefornia.

PM me.
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