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Wtt MG-15 German Machine Gun Water-Cooled Parts Kit minus receiver or 1929 hotchkiss parts kit minus receiver for dp28 parts kit or danish madsen lmg parts kit.

wts or wtt
I have up for sale or trade some of jestisms fine suomi's 80% receivers in the reduced id for semi builds. I am looking to trade for a demilled dp28 receiver, ppsh kit, or anything mg related of at least equal value. These sold in the last group buy for 140 so i will let my extras go at group buy price plus s&h. Anyone with anything interesting to trade please let me know as these will only collect dust around my shop. I would trade one for 3 of the german flare pistols that sarco had on sale for i think 120.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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