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I have the following for trade:

1 T&E assy that is in the following condition- Has about 20-30% finish remaining, and the elevation "clicks" are not there. By not there I mean that they are barely audible. The windage part clicks just fine. The screw that locks it to the tripod is there, and so is the lever that attaches to the screw, but the screw that holds the lever on is missing. The spring is there though. There is no mounting pin or chain. Overall this will work fine if you can make the elevation "click" correctly. Heck, it will work like it is!

1 Pintle. Its the kind with 2 slots cut into it on the tapered part. It's in sound condition with about 20-30% finish remaining.

I need the following:

The pin and chain that goes through the T&E and rear mount of the weapon

The pin and nut that holds the front of the gun to the pintle

Izzy .308 links

Link loader

Broken shell extractor

New .308 1919 barrel

Any spare parts for a semi 1919 that you think I might need.

8mm ammo, good stuff like Romanian steel case

Email all offers to:

[email protected]

Remove "REMOVETHIS" in my email addy when sending an offer.


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T&E and pintle are possibly traded, but I may be able to get some more stuff from the same guy. He has a bunch of old military stuff but it's hard to get him to dig through it!

I'll try!

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