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Well here we go. I have two Bren kits one Mk 1 and one Mk 2.

The Mk 1 kit is farly complete it is one of the new kits that came from Military Gun Supply. The receiver is there however it is slag and unbuildable as a semi. It would make a nice dummy. Most of the parts for this kit are present: bolt, Mk1 barrel (carry handle hardware NO Handle), mag gate, rear pin, complete lower with decent wood, cocking handle (missing some parts, Rear sight complete, bolt complete, barrel locking nut, Bipod, gas plug for barrel, one mag is included.

Price $350.00+shipping

Mk 2 kit also farly complete. The recever is there however it is miss matched and there is about a 1 inch gap though the mag well area. Other than that the receiver is usefull for parts. Complete parts: bolt, lower (decesant wood), all receiver parts, barrel (no carry handle or carry handle hard ware),one mag included. Parts that are NOT included Bipod, gas plug for barrell.

Price $275.00+shipping

I would trade for a FN30 or FN39 kit. I can provide pictures. I would consider other trades.

Big Mark
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