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I have a 1919a4 in .308, I might be selling or trading. It has the standard 1919a4 gun, standard charging handle and the walnut extended charging handle. Spade grips, A6 kit with IZZY bipod, buttstock, and carry handle. MG-42 AA tripod, with dual can adapter. 20 round link loader, single round cloth belt loader[they were being sold on ebay a while back], 1,000 links, 1 cloth belt, 1 broken shell extractor, manuals, headspace gauge. Looking to get a Vector RPD. Trade for Vector RPD, .50 BMG upper, Imbel Fal, DSA Fal,Para Fal, HK MP5 Clone or $1900 obo. The gun in parkerized in a dark grey. Thanks, Jerod [email protected]
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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