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Good morning everyone. I recently moved, and as part of the move my wife was able to inventory all my stuff

GASP!!!!! :jedicrying:

As part of the mandated downsize I'm looking to get rid of some of my projects that have been sitting out in the garage and that I most likely will never get to.

I have a few very good if not new 20mm Vulcan barrels, full length, and a slightly used 40mm bofors barrel. I used one of the Bofors to make myself a Civil War Whitworth, fun project!

I am looking for some (working) Army Radios, preferably PRC-25, PRC-77 or the PRC-8.

I am also looking for a set of PVS-5 or PVS-7 NVG's

I can ship the 20mm barrels, depending on the location, and trade (I'm in the southwest) I can deliver the 40mm. PM me, let me know what you have and lets work out a trade that gets the offending barrels out of the wife's view!
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