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I have aprox 2k rounds loose packed of I believe to be egyptian 9mm surplus that I'm looking to get rid of since I don't even own a 9mm anymore.
I actually have a lot more but that is as far as I got on counting it.
I'd really prefer to trade but will sell $350 ++++ shipping from Pa 15236

-trade interests
different ammo of course
-38 super
-243 bullets,brass or ammo
guns,bolt action 223 or 7.62x39
Or what ever you think of like I said I have no use for it so it's in my way!!!

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Seems like your in my neck of the woods, 15801.
Anyways, If I recall, is that stuff is berdan primed?
I run the cheap wolf outta my SD, altho I just let the casings fall where they may. I dunno how that would cycle it.
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