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Wtt Wts

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Have a nice left side plate, top cover complete minus dog-leg pawl, top plate, simi trigger frame complete minus trigger simi barrell EXT complete....2 trunions 1..chrome ..some front sights sets,1 nos top cover latch ,cartidge guides and stops, izzy topcover slides, bolt handles....pm me .....
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Eimail sent!!! What do you want for your STUFF???? What you want to trade for? Rod
How Much For The Chrome Trunnion ????????????
Top cover latch

I'm in need of a top cover latch, how about a price:D
How much for everything?
Great service from Door Gunner

Received my parts today and they look good,:) I called Randy to let him know I receveied my parts and was happy with them And he said he is looking for parts and would like to do some trading if you have extra parts or short on cash. My deal was with cash as I have a single kit and no extra parts.
Thanks Randy I will be in contact for more Items when I get going.-Marc
Thanks again Randy-blkbd
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