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Has anyone else here been watching the news about the war developing between Georgia and Russia? And about our carrier groups moving into the Persian Gulf to supposedly blockade Iran, after just finishing war games with the French and the Brits last week? Is it just me being paranoid, or are we tap-dancing in the minefield here; and considering we ALREADY have troops in Georgia acting as training advisers (anyone remember how we got into Vietnam? ) and they have been a strong ally in our war in Iraq, we either support them or loose credibilty along with NATO as to supporting those who side with us over Russia. Now, right now China is busy with the Olympics and will not lose face to get involved. But once that ends, they along with Russia may be squaring off with us over the oil-rich region and the pipeline that feeds most of Europe also runs through that region (which some claim as the REAL reason we went to war in Afghanistan in the first place).

So what do you guys think? Is this the new Cuban Missle Crisis? Is this the start of what might well become World War III? Or am I worrying about nothing? Cause I gotta tell ya; I'm a little freaked out watching all this unfold. The war with Iran has been a given for a while now, but throwing in Georgia and dragging Russia into it as more than another proxy fight adds a whole 'nother iron in the fire. :eek: Perfect stage for Obama the Antichrist, and we've got us a nice little Bible tale in the making.
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Georgia wanted to join NATO, but it was rejected. Now, I see the most likely case as being that in exchange for giving up territorial claims to South Ossetia (which would put the Russians within 50 miles or so of the Georgian capital), that Georgia will be allowed to join NATO to insure their protection. And then the next time this happens, it will drag them and us into it, and THAT may well kick off World War 3 (if this doesn't do it, and the coming war with Iran doesn't do it first).

How's that big hole in the ground coming along? We may ALL be needing an "Alamo" to fall back to before too long... :(
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