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Yea , Right

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They always say they are here by mistake.
OOPs ,we don't need no stinking Compass!!
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At this point, "Border Patrol" is a little bit like closing the gate after the horses have already ran across to the neighbor's field, anyway. What we need is a minefield and gunships at the border instead of cops in blazers, and then a sweep-and-clear of illegals ACROSS the nation, starting with the MS-13 gangbanger scum who should be shot on sight as an invading army. They want to refer to themselves as "soldiers"; fine. Then fight them as such, and not a law enforcement criminal problem. They want it both ways, though, when it suits them. They should be treated as an invading army, and any US citizens who shoot them should be immune from criminal prosecution as carrying out their duty as the citizen militia, to defend our homes and families from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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