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Yea , Right

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They always say they are here by mistake.
OOPs ,we don't need no stinking Compass!!
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If our guys had shot any of them they would just end up like Ramos and Compeon. Kangaroo court and all. The people in DC(white house and all) don't give a crap about our guys on the border.
My thoughts exactly. Border patrol union rep was on Glenn Beck Thursday; 43 incidents like this in the last year. Response from our "leaders": zero. BP officer said if the officer would have fired at the armed soldiers w/guns drawn and pointed at him, he would be in prison. He said it is likely a distractionary tactic; get the officer to call for backup so an adjoining sector will have a hole for people and/or drugs to get through.

Whatever you do folks, don't build that legally mandated fence. Things are just fine as-is. :mad:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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