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Yugo Underfolder

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I want to add an AK to my collection. Ive wanted one since I fell in love with military rifles in middle school when I shot my buddies SKS. Now I have too many military rilfles (yeah right) but no AK. Somehow something else always catches my eye. My wife even asks me why I dont have an AK yet. Thats pretty sad. I like the Norinco Type 56's but they are just too much money.The Yugo Underfolders have cought my eye but I noticed the are made by CIA. Not that I am entirely apposed to them I own one of their rifles and havent had any problems, but I figured Id ask you guys what you thought of them. I already know I dont like the way the underfolder feels but I dont care about comfort it looks too cool. Let me know what yall think.
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Buy a kit and build your own. The Centerfire systems kits have dark bores, but the price may be more to your liking. There are correct receivers out there now for home builds.
dark bore or not

i built one from centerfire and it's great. you can order a receiver with the same number as your kit if you want. $70 it's a real pain in the ass to take the old one apart but an easy build. nice gun
I have looked into the kits a little, but it seems like the amount of money you spend by the time you get the kit, reciever, and us made parts plus refinishing is too close for the effort. I have heard it is really easy. I have also heard from a source who has built about 20 AK's that the kits now are junk. How do you know if you are going to get a good kit? Thanks for the help guys.
Did you call centerfire or do they have a link for the recievers I did not see?
alot of the Yugo kits have shot out barrels.. the ones that are advertized as dark bores you really have to be careful of.. the one i recieved , you could take a pulled bullet and drop it from the chamber and have it fall out of the muzzle.. with little effort.. this one was trash so i made a dummy display
wall hanger out of it..
Save yourself alot of time and aggravation and just find a Pre-Ban Hungarian SA85 Under-Folder. I picked this one up recently for $950 NIB. About 1000 were imported in the mid 80's before the AWB.

These were 100% made in a real AK factory and are top notch quality with 100% reliability. Given the choice of paying $500-600 for a problem ridden parts-gun Bubba built AK, vs. the real deal for $1000, I'd pay the $1000. In addition the Hungarian will increase in value much faster than the Bubba built.

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Man thats sweet. I might just buy a nice one. I mean I spend $1000 dollars on AR's and 1919's so I guess since I plan on keeping it for awhile its worth it.
Buy from DPH arms

Guys, if you want to build your own, I recommend Scott at DPH arms www.dpharms.com for your AK kit buying. Wonderful prices, very fast and courteous service. I have had only mediocre service from CFS.
What about Arsenal, I have messed around with them in a gun shop before. Supposedly they have Red Star Triggers which I really like. I think they are nice guns, do they use new parts or what?
are there any russian AK's out there? maybe a parts kit? Underfolder?
take a chance with the yugo

centerfire will take it back if the barell is **** but we've bought 10 or more kits in the last few months and they were all serviceable. they make great ak's. the romo kits are still plentiful and chaep as well. what i like about the yugo is the thicker receiver. it's a heavier well made rifle
stearmandriver said:
are there any russian AK's out there? maybe a parts kit? Underfolder?

Yes there are..

This is my 1950's AKS 47 I built this a couple years ago from a Sportsmans
Guide Kit.. $159.00 ,, its built on a FiringLine reciever ...
now days the only Russian kits avaliable are going to be found on the auction sites.. (at quite high prices)
Mine has its origional finish.. just well cleaned.. after all this one is over 50
years old ... so it should look like it...
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Nice AKS! 50 years old? Does that mean that AK's will be C&R eligible?
Remember,, this is a Kit assembled rifle.. so no C&R... the reciever was made in 2004 ...i dont matter how old the rest of the parts are.. its the reciever
that is actually the gun..
will these kits guns ever be C&R?? good question !!

My AKS (less the reciever) was manufactured in the 1950's.. after it was demilled and imported as a parts kit back in 2002-4 it was not a gun anymore.. just parts.. when i rebuilt it with a new reciever in 2004 ... it became a new rifle made in 2004... maybe in 2054 it may become a C&R I wont be around but hopefully my grandkids will still own it and it will be a C&R for them...
The CIA Yugo I got from SOG shoots good and has a good bore (just by luck) but the price was right.
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